STRATEGIES & TACTICS is a dynamic firm. It provides comprehensive, competitive and innovative suite of management consultancy services and solutions in the UAE market place.
STRATEGIES & TACTICS is run and managed by a team of qualified professional engineers, quantity surveyors and consultants. The management team has many years of extensive experience with proven track records of successful projects.
STRATEGIES & TACTICS aims to deliver world class management consultancy services through the formation of close alliances with our clients. This approach, we strongly believe, provide us with an insight into our clients business objectives and processes that allows us to optimize their development in terms of its design, its construction and its delivery to meet their time, cost and quality requirements.
STRATEGIES & TACTICS aspires to be a key contributor to the growth of the management knowledge and awareness, by providing highly professional and practical courses in different areas of projects management and spreading the knowledge at all levels.
We're Committed.       We're Capable.        We're Accountable.